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BAJA CALIFORNIA (NOVEMBER 17, 2010) The 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 kicked off on Wednesday, November 17 th and consisted of four days of jaw dropping, dirt slinging, no mercy racing on Mexico’s most brutal terrain. Loyal VP users, Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody, made memorable impressions for their JCR/Honda team on the millions of TV viewers and quarter million live supporters. The team took their 14 th victory in a row with the help of VP Racing Fuels powerful blend of MS105.

The 1061-mile course provided some of the harshest terrain this year, crisscrossing racers from coast to coast down the Baja Peninsula from Ensenada to La Paz. Norman and Cody’s team averaged an impressive 55mph considering a patch of extreme fog that rolled in covering about 100 miles of their course.

Both racers remained aggressive from start to finish. Norman started the race in 5th and rode flawlessly to mile 354 putting the bike in the lead. Cody started from Norman’s finish for the evening leg. The bike was passed off once more for Norman to finish the race where mile 1061 proclaimed a victory for the team. Both racers gave 100% with only one flat tire over the entire course resulting in a dominate lead and a fantastic finish time of 19:20.

“The fog was really thick for about 100 miles – it was as bad as I’ve seen it. It really tested me and what I had. It took everything I could to keep the bike moving and keep my goggles clean and just keep going. I can’t say enough for my teammate Quinn, he did an amazing job. It was flawless. It has been a helluva long year, waking up every day thinking of this race. We finally made it and made all my dreams come true this year,” said Norman after finishing.

Thanks to the JCR/Honda riders’ endurance and VP Racing Fuels’ consistency, another victory goes on the books.


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