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Western States Petroleum on race fuel in Phoenix

As quoted By Susie at Western States Petroleum:

AHHHHH…..recently, it has been brought to my attention that our local, not so friendly, racing fuel sales competitor has made a few disparaging remarks regarding our VP Racing Fuel distributorship. As business ethics go, normally I would ignore these outrageous accusations and chalk them up to the ugly side of competition and professional jealously. However, this time, it is time to say enough is enough and set the record straight.

The Beginning…..

WSP has, for years, sold some type of racing fuel. We were the first distributor to team with Paul Oil and sell TRICK racing fuel here in the valley, many, many moons ago. Four years ago, VP Racing Fuels was looking for a distributor in the Phoenix area to become the Master Distributor for VP Racing Fuel in Arizona. At the time, the VP Racing Fuels Executives came to town and interviewed several jobbers in the city, INCLUDING the company that is now and has in the past libeled many slanderous accusations towards us and VP Racing Fuels. VP Racing Fuels chose us to be their Master Distributor of VP Racing Fuels in Arizona. Out of many potential jobber candidates, we were chosen, fair and square, for the following reasons:

1. We already had in place a distribution network of several sub-jobbers through out the state

2. We already had in place a sales team, capable of learning the product and representing the VP Racing fuels line with professionalism, intelligence, integrity and gusto

3. We had a distribution mechanism in place that could easily and professionally distribute pails, drums and bulk VP Racing Fuel all over the valley and the state

4. We had a bulk storage plant complete with a railcar sighting that would enable us to purchase railcars of the top 5 fuels in bulk

5. We had a Management System in place that ensured product integrity was maintained at 100% for the monitoring, testing, storage and packaging of VP Racing Fuel

6. We had a 35 year history of operating a jobbership based upon a business model of ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction

7. We had the financial capability to invest a substantial sum of money in inventory and in purchasing a truck specifically designed to deliver racing fuel and service trackside events.

8. We were willing to sell only VP Racing Fuels and not spread our efforts among carrying multiple brands of racing fuel

SO, for those reason above and more…VP Racing Fuels selected Western States Petroleum, Inc to be the Master Distributor in Arizona. We are proud of being selected to be the Master Distributor in Arizona. We are committed to ensuring the VP Racing Fuel Brand is represented in Arizona with integrity and honesty….and we work hard, very hard, every day to ensure customer satisfaction with us and with all the products we sell.

What is a Master Distributor?????

Simply put, we are the wholesaler that resells to all the shops, tracks, and convenience stores in Arizona. We sell it to them, at wholesale, and those individual businesses re-sell it to the retail market. The retail market, is the local consumer. The customer that uses it in their bikes, boats, quads, funny cars…every automotive sport you can think of…those are the customers using VP Racing Fuels. As a customer service, we also sell VP Racing Fuel products at our Will Call Office. Every retail shop and convenience store sets their own price for the products they sell. Our wholesale prices are based on volume.

As the Master Distributor, we do hold the right to determine the selection of retailers that can sell VP Racing Fuels. Our selection decisions are based on a number of criteria, but chiefly among them are:

The retailer must have a store front of some type and a business license

The retailer must have the ability to properly store the fuel in a manner that protects the integrity of the product and its packaging

The retailer must demonstrate a history of good customer service and a strong business ethic

VP Racing Fuels is a international brand of racing fuel that has a stellar reputation for being the undisputed choice among all types of users…from high end boat racers to top fuel dragsters to competition level motor cross racers. They have spent years building a product line that rises above the competition for Making Power and being Consistent in performance. As the Master Distributor in Arizona, we are very serious in ensuring that we represent VP Racing Fuels in the manner in which they deserve. We are very focused on ensuring that all of our VP Racing Fuel Products are stored, packaged and maintained so that EVERY customer receives the exact same consistent performance out of their chosen product. It is important to us that every retailer selling VP Racing Fuel meet the standards of the brand and our standards of business operation. IF they don’t, then we do not authorize them to sell the fuel

Authorized Dealers….

As the Master Distributor, we do authorize local retail outlets to become Authorized Dealers. As described above, we are very serious about who can sell VP Racing Fuel and who cannot. If you are buying VP Racing Fuel from an unauthorized company, seller or someone that is selling other brands of racing fuel..I can assure you they are not authorized to sell VP Racing Fuel. It is important for you to be able to be sure that the fuel you are purchasing has been handled correctly, labeled correctly and is what it is supposed to be. If you are buying VP Racing Fuel from an unauthorized distributor, we cannot and will not guarantee the product. If you are buying fuel from a distributor and you want to know if they are an authorized distributor, please call me directly and I will be happy to assist you.

The ShamWow Guy….

When you purchase VP Racing Fuel from us or from your local authorized dealer, I can assure you…It should not be like buying rags from the ShamWow Guy. We aren’t fast talkers, wheelers and dealers, putting the ShamWow hustle on you in order to make a buck. We are representing a fine line of racing fuels that we can ensure you are being handled with care and the integrity of the product is being well maintained. Our fuels are made for creating power and well worth using to help you go faster and protect your racing investment.

As Always, we truly value your business. If you have any questions, comments or want to discuss racing fuel, lubricants or the value of competition in business…call me directly!

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